Club reopening and new rules of play

Hume Council have officially granted us permission to reopen the courts for members.

In order to conform with the current restrictions in place in Victoria around social gatherings, and requirements from the council, some temporary changes have been made.

Member access

The member’s gate has been reactivated so as to allow members access using their smart cards.

However, any member who wishes to use the courts outside of any club sanctioned events or coaching must follow the below procedure:

  1. Prior to arriving at the courts, members must SMS Aimee Piesik on 0490 789 655, and state:
    • the names of all people who will be attending the courts
    • the time the member wishes to use the courts
  2. Aimee will confirm by return SMS whether there is court availability at the time requested.
  3. With this confirmation, the member will be permitted to use their smart card to access the courts at the requested time.

We will keep track of all smart cards used to unlock the gate, and will be making sure that all people who unlock the gate have previously been approved for entry.

Social distancing

As a part of our reopening conditions, all people entering the club must keep a 1.5m distance between them and all others.

This means no hand shakes, high fives or even elbow bumps. It also means allowing appropriate distance when walking through gates in the club.

We also ask that players enter, play and leave as soon as is practicable afterward.

The full guidelines as provided by Tennis Victoria are available below:

Return to Tennis Guidlelines – Tennis Victoria

Clubroom access

The clubrooms will remain closed to all members until further notice. They may be opened solely for toilet access during club organised events or coaching, but this will be decided on a case by case basis.

Coaching and club organised social play

Guccione Tennis will be resuming on a modified program as of this week.

Get in touch with them for further details.

The club will also be organising social hits for members in the near future. These will be organised to meet the requirements in place in Victoria. Members will be contacted shortly with further details.

Competition play

The NSJTA and NSNTA competitions remain suspended, and are unlikely to resume until July or August. When the club is given further details about a resumption date we will inform all players.

Membership and team fees

The committee has decided that until such time as the club is operating at a satisfactory level that all membership fees will not apply. This means as of the time of writing, members will be entitled to a 2 month credit on next year’s membership. Those who wish to cancel their membership may be entitled to a partial refund, and should contact the Treasurer for further details.

Also, all team fees for the Autumn 2020 NSNTA, and Season 1 2020 NSJTA seasons, will be credited in full back to members on their next membership invoice where payment has already been made. Any unpaid team fee invoices for the above-mentioned seasons will also be cancelled.