Anniversary Shield 2023

Be a part of history

Sunday 22nd October at HIGH NOON

$10 per person

This cost includes your tennis, trophies (just for the winners) and an afternoon feast.

How to enter

It’s as simple as clicking the Enter button below!

How the event works

A team is made up of 1 male and 1 female human being of any age over 3 years old. If you don’t have a partner in mind don’t worry, we’ll attempt to find one for you.

This a handicapped event. No you don’t have to play with one hand tied behind your back or your foot in your mouth. You get to play the best you can against all comers in your group.

Your team will be put in a group to play against others who are of a similar standard. The result of each match will be “predicted” by a committee of highly accredited experts. These results will be totalled, and a handicap will be derived from comparing your score to all other teams.

Of course this is a simplification of what actually happens. The real handicap calcuation is rumoured to include the use of slide rules, T-squares and ChatGPT.

On the day, your actual games won are totalled and if you are lucky you may have some games, that is your handicap, added to your tally.

The team with the highest tally of games including your handicap ones will be declared the winners.

What anniversary are we celebrating?

This event is played every year to celebrate an October dinner meeting at the Old Broady Pub in 1979 that was the incubator for the club we have today, a multi-million dollar facility that is second to none.

So come and celebrate with us at our magnificent facilities.

Terms and conditions

  1. If you enter you must turn up on the day, otherwise it affects the handicaps of all entrants. If you can’t attend for whatever reason, you should contact David on 0418 511 224 as soon as you are aware you won’t be able to play.
  2. While we accept single entries, we can’t guarantee we will be able to find a partner for you. In that case we will refund your entry fee.
  3. In the case where we get a team enter whose standard is greatly different to all other players we may not be able to accept your entry. In that case we would also refund your entry fee.