Club Championship Grand Final Day

On the 3rd of June, the club held the Senior and Junior Club Championship Grand Finals.

It was an enjoyable day, with over 40 people in attendance enjoying a French inspired lunch put on by club member, Tony Robertson.

Matches were of a great standard and the sportsmanship on display made all those in attendance very proud to be associated with Westmeadows Tennis Club.

We are pleased to advise our newest club champions are as follows;

MENS OPEN CHAMPION: Craig Rissinich defeated Chrisitian DiCocco

Unfortunately for Christian, injury struck. Team mates of Christian, don’t worry – out for 6 weeks with hamstring strain. He believes back in time for Spring Season in August!

LADIES OPEN CHAMPION: Mary Zoomalan defeated Michelle Todorov 

Michelle hit very well, but Mary displayed the sort of tennis of an A Reserve Tuesday lady. Well done!

BOYS OPEN CHAMPION: Zazim Alcin defeated Andrew Thomas 

A fantastic competitive match, that took 3 sets to determine the winner!

GIRLS OPEN CHAMPION: Lauren Wheeler defeated Emily Thomas

Great hitting by both, Lauren appearing too strong on the day.

UNISEX OPEN CHAMPION: Sebastian Italiano defeated Trent Piesik

Great courage from Trent to finish the match despite injury. I’m not sure what we were most pleased with though. The great match from Sebastian, or the speech he gave when he collected his trophy. Well done Sebastian.

These great club days are only possible because our members participate and support.

To all involved, thank you.

Sponsor Mentions:

Melanie Bennetts of Melanie Marie Events – The room set up looked amazing. Anyone who is having an event that you need help planning and running think of Melanie. Visit her facebook page here

Smart Property – Yannick and Will couldn’t attend the day, but helped the club out with some much needed funds to help make the event a free event for all. If anyone is looking for Investment Property Assistance, Smart Property can help. For more information visit: Smart Property Website